Welcome to Raw Decorations

If you’re interested in truly unique, handmade pub boards and signs with a vintage appearance, you found the perfect place!

Every item is truly unique

Not just because every object is completely handmade, but also because they are one of a kind. Your purchase is 100% original! Every pub board and sign you see is made with recycled wood. This isn’t only good for the environment, it also gives every made item its own personality. It stands apart, especially in a world full of mass production and plastic. The text and images on every item are handwork. No templates, prints or stickers. We guarantee. Everything is carved out by hand, painted and finished off with a protective layer for durability.

The best thing is that you can afford it too!

The signs have a rough charm that suggests they have been around for a long time. They are cracked or cloven, have old holes were nails used to be, and are worn. If you would see them in real life, you would not have expected them to be a pile of old planks just a week ago. The prices of the signs have been chosen carefully. Size, weight and the amount of work and materials are all taken into account. Imagine how much time it costs to collect the right recycled wood for a good quality. And after that, the time to paint, carve and finish it off correctly. Just because the wood is old or worn, it doesn’t mean it is fit to become a pub board.