About me

Welcome to RawDecorations. My name is René. The work that you encounter on this website is the result of a hobby that I have had for numerous years. In my work, graphic design on paper and computer has always been a side branch that I enjoyed very much. With simple tools and materials I embarked a new path in arts. I rarely make signs on demand, because having fun in what I make is the most important thing for me. The design and work-out has to really speak to me, or else I won’t start with it. This way, every sign I make becomes a little bit of me.

About my work

If you take a look at my work, it might already be clear that I base it on the world of pub boards in the UK. In the Netherlands the tradition of pub boards is far less developed. Every pub board has its own story and history. But it’s not all English pub boards. There are Dutch, Greek and American boards too.


By now you know every sign I make has a background and is based on something. I made it possible to read about this history by putting a note on (almost) every creation. The notes fit in with the design of the board and are put on the back. This will give your own purchased sign more meaning to you.